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1 day ago · ICUs are now being filled up with non-vaccinated patients as observed by COVID-19 respiratory therapists. During the pandemic, it was noted that healthcare workers have remained on the front lines ...

Hi I can totally relate after I got the Moderna vaccine. I had cottonmouth, sweaty palms, it was hard to swallow, and I thought oh my God I’m having allergic reaction and I’m gonna die from the vaccine. The good thing was my mom is a nurse and she came with me and she talked me off the ledge on my 45 minute drive home.
Characterizing Discourse about COVID-19 Vaccines: A Reddit Version of the Pandemic Story. Wei Wu,1 Hanjia Lyu,1 and Jiebo Luo 2. 1Goergen Institute for Data Science, University of Rochester, Rochester, USA. 2Department of Computer Science, University of Rochester, Rochester, USA. Received 06 Apr 2021.
    1. My anxiety is telling me all the worst things like that I’m going to die from the shot even though I know I could die from covid too. I had covid and never want it again but I’m so nervous about the vaccine.
    2. The available data suggests that after two doses, the vaccine is 95 percent effective at preventing COVID-19. So far, research has also found that the vaccine has a good safety profile.
    3. Routine mammograms and COVID-19 vaccines should be timed out carefully to prevent unnecessary anxiety, say radiologists ... Reddit. Share. Text: ... When it comes to COVID-19 vaccines there's been ...
    4. » READ MORE: How to prepare for your COVID-19 vaccine appointment. Getting vaccinated is our best defense against COVID-19. Fortunately, experts say there are ways to overcome a fear of needles, whether it's preventing you from making an appointment or causing panic when you show up. Here are some strategies to help you get through your ...
    5. Oct 30, 2021 · In mid-August to mid-September of last year, cases were on a downswing after a summer spike, and the state’s mental health scores of 1.75 for anxiety and 1.44 for depression were lower than the ...
    6. For all COVID-19 vaccine doses, 16.5 percent reported dizziness. For those receiving the Pfizer first dose, that was 16.7%, it was 8.3% for dose two and 16.6% for the first dose of the Moderna ...
    7. 2 days ago · Prime Minister Narendra Modi, upon his return after attending the G20 summit and the COP26, on Wednesday will chair a virtual review meeting with districts having low COVID-19 vaccination coverage ...
    8. Share this item on Reddit reddit Copy article link Copy link As protests against a domestic COVID-19 vaccine passport got heated in British Columbia, some Canadian restauranteurs say there are ...
    9. Cases of vaccine-induced paralysis occurred between one and four weeks after vaccination. None of the COVID vaccines uses a weakened form of the SARS-CoV-2 virus — all train the body to recognize a piece of the virus known as the spike protein and generate antibodies that can attack the virus in case of a real infection.
    DENVER (CBS4) - UCHealth reports 119 employees were fired recently for not having been vaccinated against COVID-19 or given a medical or religious exemption. Employees had until Oct. 1 to get ...
2 days ago · Prime Minister Narendra Modi, upon his return after attending the G20 summit and the COP26, on Wednesday will chair a virtual review meeting with districts having low COVID-19 vaccination coverage ...

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In the end, despite the scare after the first dose, I'm very happy I got the vaccine and I will happily get a booster shot when advised to. Tl;dr I had a scare after the first dose and ended up in the Emergency Department due to suspected heart inflammation, but there was nothing serious going on.

Definitely not getting a COVID shot ever again. 20 y/o male for reference. Edit: took a nap right after I made this post and I'm feeling much better now. Body temp down to 100 degrees. Headaches seem to have mostly subsided. Not sure if the meds are still working or if the side effects are going away.

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